1、Insurance: Purchase Social Security: Pensions, Jobs, Medical Care, Unemployment, and Childbirth

2、Year-End Awards:At the end of theservice, employees with more than three months of service have the year-endbonus.

3、Birthday:Employee birthdayparty

4、Festival:Traditional festival holiday will offer gifts, organize sightseeing activities.

5、Housing:Enterprises provide dormitories (fans, toilets, shower room, wardrobe, 24-hourhot water supply, are fully equipped), or living married workers to give housing subsidies.

6、Food:Staff canteens hire Commis Chef II , breakfast provides bread, rice, porridge, noodles and other flavors, lunch and dinner are fourdishes and one soup. In the 03:00 with a midnight snack for staff working inthe night.

7、Annual leave:employees workinng for oneyear will enjoy 5 - 10 days of paid annual leave in the following year.

8、Physical Examination:The company will organizeformal hospital to our company doing physical examination.

9、Tourism:Staff and leaderhave travel activities in every year.

10、Social Activity:Mountaineering,basketball, cycling

11、Account:   undergraduate households can transfer their account to Shenzhen.

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